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YouTube Furs

Broadcast Your Fuzz!

Youtube Furs
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All Members , Moderated
Here is a community for furs with YouTube accounts who want to share their videos, furs who just like to browse YouTube, and furs who just want to see the latest funny, interesting, or unusual videos floating around these days but don't want to bother with a YouTube account.

As much as I like YouTube, their group interface is somewhat wanting... Not much in the way of flexibility. LiveJournal gives us a little better forum for discussion and moderation.

I'm Threetails, the owner/ moderator of this group (I may appoint other mods if I get enough membership). My YouTube page can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/threetails (sorry I don't have much furry stuff up yet).

And now for a few simple rules:

1. Try not to link directly to videos that aren't "safe for work."

2. No bashing anyone's videos.

3. No flame wars, trolling, or any other sort of drama, I will delete your membership!

4. Try to keep politics to a minimum, please.

5. Try to keep your posts "on-topic." I may allow off-topic posts at my discretion.

6. Try not to link to videos that promote bigotry or intolerance, or that contain excessive bad language, sex, or violence.

7. Try not to flood this group with videos we've probably seen many times before and on many other sites (such as that annoying video of Tom Cruise spazzing on Oprah).

8. DO try to link to original, unique, and clever videos (including original montages), especially videos with a FURRY THEME!