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Furry Night Live #1 "Goodbye Horses"

Hi everybody,

Here it is a special post! I would like to present you my new "fake" company "Wet Dog Productions" along with Xavier's company "Fluffy Butt Films". So, what about Wet Dog Productions, I had an idea to make some videos clips, and I always wanted to make a professional looking. So with the help of Xavier's filming and directing we produced the first of Wet Dog Productions; Furry Night Live.  The first episode is "Yakeo dance on Goodbye Horses" it's taken from the movie "Silence of lambs" from part of this movie that made famous the song "Goodbye Horses", I guess some of you all remember that? Anyway if you don't know it I invite you to watch the movie again or go to Youtube and use the keyword (buffalo bill)!

 Wet Dog Productions in association with Fluffy Butt Films is proud to present:

Click here to watch the video!

I hope you'll enjoy it! ;)

>> Next events:
FC07 the movie.
Hot tails dance.

Take Care!!!


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